Schuetz Dental - Just one layer to create a "bionic restoration"

From veneers to bridges: Tizian Zirconia reinforced composite

This newly developed combination of materials brings you the best of both worlds, offering all the best qualities of high performance acrylics and zirconium dioxide from Schütz Dental in Rosbach, Germany.
"Tizian Zirconia Reinforced Composite Blanks" enables you to produce temporary restorations of up to 16 units and even lets you produce complete final restorations of up to 3 units.

These restorations stand out thanks to their excellent antagonist and TMJ friendly properties. These bionic qualities derive from the moderate Vickers hardness and corresponding elasticity module. Milling blanks (available in two heights) fit in all current 98 millimeter open system holder and are suited to dry-machining.

This material is suitable for permanent individual tooth restorations as well as up to three-unit permanent bridges. This adds to its suitability for final crowns as well as fully anatomical crowns, inlays, onlays and veneers. This material can also be used for work on implants, abutments and long-term temporaries for up to a complete jaw (up to two years of wear).

The elasticity module of this material of 3,050 MPa (MegaPascal) is considerably low when compared to the elasticity module of zirconium dioxide. In addition, the material is veneered with very elastic composite. This combination along with an appropriate design is sure to prevent any chipping.

If you’re looking for a veneering material for final restorations, the specially developed composite, dialog Occlusal from Schütz Dental, comes highly recommended. This composite promises to make convincing veneers thanks to its fantastic translucence, homogeneity and plaque-resistance. "Tizian Zirconia Reinforced Composite Blanks" come in a range of five tooth colors.

Thanks to the excellent physical properties, this material is ideal for use on patients with CMD or Bruxism. When working on implants, the elasticity of the system works as a buffer. This reduces the pressure on the implants and the bone structure.

The chemical formula is free of TEGDMA and Bisphenol A. This makes the material biocompatible with a lot of potential for the future.


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