B&L Biotech - B&L’s B-LB Condensers and Leetrac

B&L Biotech™s new BL-B Condensers are now customizable and interchangeable with JetXChange handles. Each of the Nickle Titanium and Stainless Steel tips can be easily twisted and locked in to make one handle.
These condensers are also offered in the long type. The Leetrac is a reflective periosteal elevator for surgical treatment. The Leetrac is offered in narrow and wide handles with various blade sizes and shapes for each handle. The reflective surface of the blade acts as micro mirror and makes it easier to view the surgical area, without the need of a secondary tool. The serrated edges of the blade stably secures the cortical bone plate, regardless of its shape due to the saw-toothed wheel at the end of the Leetrac. For more details or questions, please visit our website www.bnlbio.com or contact customerservice@bnlbio.com (+ 1-844-265-2460).








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