- Passion and curiosity drive innovation

B&B Dental (www.bebdental.it) is once again centre stage with solutions that have distinguished it for over 20 years in the implant market.

Quoting Dan Brown, “passion and curiosity drive innovation”: these words suit perfectly the attention Dr Claudio Banzi, founder of B&B Dental, is paying since several years to “Guided Surgery Techniques”.

The periodical courses have confirmed the growing interest of many dentists who wish to participate (for further information about the courses, please contact commerciale@bebdental.it).

Computer-guided implantology is today's new frontier of dentistry, a truly epochal turning point for the whole dental sector.

The ability to make more thorough diagnoses and the possibility to plan the intervention virtually, combined with the reduced time for treatment and the decreased margin of error, are all astonishing results. They are within the reach of all those professionals who want to keep pace with the current progresses.

The new software-based technique allows to obtain faster, safer and more precise diagnosis and treatment, easening up the intervention for the more and more demanding patient. Through advanced computer-guided surgery techniques, patients may get treatment plans that turn mobile prosthetic teeth into fixed implant-supported teeth, in a single appointment, for immediate and completely risk-free use.

The guides obtained through computer-aided stereolithography help make osseointegrated implantology an easy-to-use technique in any clinical condition, even in case of severe atrophy of the jaw bones.

B&B Dental has designed and produced a surgical kit that impressed the professionals for its functional simplicity, easening the work of any professional performing guided surgery.





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