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The integrated 3D printing solution All in one Poetry Medical Box Ira3D. The medical field is one of the areas that is failing to reap the greatest innovative strength of the technology of 3D printing. Ira3d is now present in the main applications, ranging from the creation of ultra-personalized prostheses with advantages in terms of time and cost, up to the creation of useful models to facilitate the work of surgeons, who might actually touch the body part that will operate, or at least a faithful reproduction, last but not least all the dental industry

The system includes the Ira3d Poetry Infinity printers, 1 ° in the world for accuracy with a resolution of 15 microns (0.015 millemitri) for a speed of 400 mm per second, with extruder resistant up to 350 ° and interchangeable nozzles with high quality and precision supplied: 0.25 mm for high resolutions and 0.8 mm for very high speeds that allow at the same time to always get results high Level.

15 filaments compatible thermoplastic polymers with very high technical and plastic resistance (Gummify Skin, Irabs Bismuto, Nylon 680, Nylon Protesis, BioPet GM0, IRA PP TALC, ) with the option to final metallizing

Infinity Slicer is the beating heart of Poetry Manufacturing: software that transforms the 3D design into machine language suitable for 3D printing so quick and easy, thanks to the parameters already set and optimized for the 3D printer Poetry Infinity and for Ira3D filaments.

Poetry Academy, the academic courses for training on 3D Printing dedicated to all business operators focalizandosi on individual needs, with comprehensive study of the software and hardware issues and evidence printing practices.

Poetry Care: Technical Support Poetry Care certificate with on-site installation are the added value that confirms the care and attention to detail of the Italian company leader in 3D printing for high technology.







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